Stunning Sliding Doors

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A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post about my boyfriend and I splitting up. I was in a terrible place then, and I’m happy to report back saying that I’m no longer doing as bad as I was then.... Read More

Blocked Sewer Oops

As a young bloke from Melbourne in his early twenties, it’s safe to say that I’ve had my share of big nights out. One of the largest I’ve ever had was two weekends ago and I’m not lying when I... Read More

Waiting Room Wisdom

I’ve just been reading this weird magazine about people who play instruments with their feet. If this publication is anything to go by, it’s a whole thing, and people are really serious about it. ... Read More

The Suspender

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There’s a legend that people speak about in whispers. They are afraid to speak it louder, for in their hearts they know that the tales are true. There’s a car that roams the forests, one without a... Read More

The Glass Fantastic

Is tinted glass about to have its day in the sun? Or, come to think of it, its night in the glow of LEDs? Either way, it’s about to have a heyday in the unlikely realm of stair balustrades, and to a... Read More

The Legend of Bag

Why are some people so obsessed with designer handbags? This is an age-old question. The answer goes back as far as the first piece of pig skin fashioned into a pouch just that little bit more sturdy,... Read More

Little Town Blues

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Nothing much ever happens around these parts. It’s a bit disappointing, given that this is supposed to be the nation’s capital, but I guess that’s kind of a thing, isn’t it? Capital cities are... Read More

Seasonally Unsuited

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There are two types of people: those who hate summer, and those who hate winter. The summer-hating crowd, populated largely by goths and others who like to dress in extravagant layers, claims that it�... Read More

Clueless Kids

What’s the story with adult children thinking they know what’s best? I mean, Jacques is a great kid, but he’s pretty clueless. His cuppa-making skills leave more than a bit to be desired, he cle... Read More