Nothing much ever happens around these parts. It’s a bit disappointing, given that this is supposed to be the nation’s capital, but I guess that’s kind of a thing, isn’t it? Capital cities aren’t meant to be action-packed urban playgrounds so much as centres of government, and it’s not not as thought government is set up to facilitate thriving creative precincts, underground event spaces or cutting-edge curation.

What this town does do is a mean gas heating service. Canberra area locals can attest to this. I mean, it’s hardly what you’d call exciting, but hey – it’s nothing to be sniffed at. When I’ve lived elsewhere, home heating has always been a bit of a pain to maintain, but here, it just runs like clockwork. I guess that makes sense, what with everyone staying in on cold winter nights. It’s the one good thing to come of the dearth of leather-seated, fire-lit whiskey bars and inner-city wassails, like they have down in Melbourne, or year-round beach weather like up north, or… well, whatever it is that passes for nightlife in Sydney these days.

I can’t deny that I’m quite partial to staying in, when it comes down to it. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on Canberra, after all – just because people are staying home doesn’t mean they’re just slumped in front of the telly. Arguably, not being able to go out and be entertained actually could actually make you more creative, and I shouldn’t assume to know what people around here get up to in their spare time. 

We’ll see what happens, now that I have such easy access to ducted heating servicing and repairs. Canberra, show me what you’ve got. Will I write a novel? Learn to do quadratic equations? Compose a symphony, perhaps? I mean, I’d probably have to learn music theory in order to do that, but I’ve got no shortage of time on my hands. This could be quite exciting, now that I think about it like this.