I always told myself that if I ever needed a wall painted, I’d do it myself. Well, I’m starting to regret that mindset now that I’m staring at the wall of my new warehouse. It’s about fifty metres long and currently just a big slab of grey, which is not going to inspire my employees in the slightest.

Besides, I never really thought about the logistics of the whole thing. I thought I’d buy a bucket of blue paint and get to work. I’m now realising that I will have to buy many buckets and transport them here myself, then spend several hours doing the job. The latest issue of Business Magazine says that each wall needs to be expertly painted to increase morale amongst your team. And apparently there is more than one type of blue, which is news to me.

I don’t really think I’m up to the job, so I may need to find some interior painters to do it for me. I hope that they are willing to paint a wall so big, otherwise, I won’t be able to follow the magazine’s guidelines. They said that no business can survive without brilliantly painted walls. That’s not good, because I really want this business of mine to go well. 

We are going to produce the best picture frames Melbourne has ever seen. They won’t be too fancy or too boring. They will find that sweet spot in the middle. By the time I’m done, every house will have one of our amazing picture frames.

So I’m really hoping a painter close to Melbourne will be able to help me out. I haven’t found one yet, so I don’t really know anything about their services. Do I have to supply the paint? Do I have to choose the exact shades? I’m sure they will be able to consult me on what looks good, at least. I hope so, anyway.