There’s a legend that people speak about in whispers. They are afraid to speak it louder, for in their hearts they know that the tales are true. There’s a car that roams the forests, one without a driver. They call it the Suspender. Sightings are few, but they all have one thing in common, which has given this haunted car its nickname. The car looms over its victims, on suspension so high that it belongs at Woodstock. If you go to any good auto repair shop in Midland, you’ll hear the stories.

Some say that the Suspender wants blood, luring its victims into the forest. Others believe it is just lonely and wants a driver worthy of its suspension. It is likely that we will never know for sure. There are no photos, although people have tried. To a camera, the Suspender is completely invisible.

It has been told that the Suspender wanders into town sometimes, to do its own repairs. One mechanic has claimed that in his CCTV, he witnessed his tools moving around as if by magic, performing auto suspension repair on their own. The next day, when he went to show everyone, the tape was gone.

It truly is a modern horror story, the mystery of this car. Some people believe it is a tall tale, but I’ve seen it myself. Long ago, I travelled into the forest, looking for UFOs. What I found was much more harrowing. The Suspender is painted black, with stripes of red so deep that you could drown in them. It noticed me and blinked its headlights. Indeed, there was no driver inside. Of course, as any sane person would do, I fled for my life. The Suspender did not give chase, although it seemed occupied with something else.

Since then, I have never returned to that forest. I will leave the discoveries to braver people than I. I am quite content sharing my story, feeling no need to know what has caused this car to act on its own. Some things are better left alone, I believe.