What’s the story with adult children thinking they know what’s best? I mean, Jacques is a great kid, but he’s pretty clueless. His cuppa-making skills leave more than a bit to be desired, he clearly doesn’t understand the purpose of a doorstop, and he hasn’t yet realised that the cheap barbers aren’t worth it. Bless him, the boy needs help.

Yet here he is insisting that, at 35, it’s his responsibility to start ‘giving back to us’. Of course, his heart’s in the right place and we really appreciate the thought, but get real. As if we’re not on top of our car maintenance schedule! Granted, he probably hasn’t heard of such a thing. If he’d only asked, we could have explained to him that we’ve just taken the car for its annual service, and with one of the best mechanics Hobart has to offer, no less.

To be truthful, I was mildly annoyed that Jacques had taken the car to be worked on by someone we’re not familiar with. It seems like they’ve done a bang-up job, but what if they hadn’t? I mean, there’s a warranty at stake, although Jacques assures me that he went to one of the better workshops in Hobart. Car service centres can be variable is all I’m saying, so I hope he did his research properly.

It’s true that Sharon and I might baby him a little bit. The toast soldiers in particular might be going a bit far. But he loved them so much as a kid, it’s hard for us to imagine him not being thrilled about being served them each morning. He claims he’s ‘gone keto’, whatever that means. I just hope it doesn’t involve anything illegal. I remember Mac down the road saying that his daughter went keto and then became a competitive bodybuilder.

I suppose we have some communication issues to clear up.