A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post about my boyfriend and I splitting up. I was in a terrible place then, and I’m happy to report back saying that I’m no longer doing as bad as I was then. I was right in thinking that it was a good idea to remove the parts of my home that would remind me of him. Once I did the first awning window installation and door replacement, I realised just how powerful the changes were to my recovery. I became addicted to renovating small parts of my house, and ended up creating a whole new ex-boyfriend free space.

I ended up removing all the original windows in my house and doing one big window frame replacement. Melbourne is a beautiful city, and so I also got extra windows added in so that I could admire the city in all its glory. I spent a lot of time in those first couple of months staring out the windows, reflecting on where my life was at and where I wanted it to be. I’m pleased to say that I’m closer to my goals now than I ever was when I was dating my ex. 

Once all the windows had been replaced, I decided to change the outdoor areas of my home. I did a full renovation of the backyard so that I could have an entertaining area and outdoor kitchen. To open up the space, I got someone to come in and do a sliding doors installation, so that I can have them wide open and entertain people in the living room and outside all at once.

I’m really in love with the changes I’ve made to my house. The house feels fresh and it feels like my own. This is where I’m going to thrive for a very long time. Onwards and upwards and here’s to living my best life in 2021.