MF1 Rose Circuit

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Welcome, MF1 fans, to our live coverage of this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix! We’re on the edge of our seats as we prepare to dive into another racing weekend here at MF1. As you all kn... Read More

Changing Energy Tactics

Maphira wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take. These meetings were usually fine, but ever since Con had shown her the footage of Rylee meeting up with Cole, who was – without a doubt �... Read More

Golem Factory Business

My golem business has been going very well lately. I’m surprised that nobody has capitalised on this business idea before, honestly. When I inherited a copy of the Book of All Golems that wouldn’t... Read More

Videos of Llamas

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I know that we’re a business called Llamas Incorporated, but do we have to include so many of the dang things in our promotional videos? I’ve been editing these clips for hours without end, and I ... Read More

No Modifications, Please

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Should I be suspicious that my daughter wants to ‘future proof’ my bathroom? She’s been trying to get me, the great Darus ‘Courage’ Johnson, to get bathtub modifications for months now. I’... Read More

Waterman’s Business Advice

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From The Diary of Harold J Waterman I write this entry so that one day my son may read it if I am gone, unable to give him this advice myself. It is true that I now walk a fine line, with Jim and Mich... Read More

Piney’s Boat Adventure

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Bugs! There are bugs everywhere! I hate bugs! Piney continued to think about how much he hated bugs while recklessly steering his flying boat across the skies of Melbourne. Although there weren’t ac... Read More

Building Barricades

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I think it’s about time I built a barbed wire fence around my property. It’s probably best if I don’t tell you why, because I could get in trouble with a lot of people, but trust me when I say t... Read More

New Awning Windows

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I’ve just gone through a really bad breakup and my (now ex) boyfriend will be moving out next week. I’m devastated, and I feel like I’ve wasted the last six years of my life on someone who could... Read More