The Legend of Bag

Why are some people so obsessed with designer handbags? This is an age-old question. The answer goes back as far as the first piece of pig skin fashioned into a pouch just that little bit more sturdy,... Read More

Little Town Blues

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Nothing much ever happens around these parts. It’s a bit disappointing, given that this is supposed to be the nation’s capital, but I guess that’s kind of a thing, isn’t it? Capital cities are... Read More

Seasonally Unsuited

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There are two types of people: those who hate summer, and those who hate winter. The summer-hating crowd, populated largely by goths and others who like to dress in extravagant layers, claims that it... Read More

Clueless Kids

What’s the story with adult children thinking they know what’s best? I mean, Jacques is a great kid, but he’s pretty clueless. His cuppa-making skills leave more than a bit to be desired, he cle... Read More

Reign It In

Interior decorating has never been my strong suit, so I had to raise an eyebrow when my friend Raphael asked me to help him pick out the finishes for his new apartment. What does he think I’m going ... Read More

Thanks, Dinosaurs

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It’s an intriguing enough thought, what they were talking about in the Trumpeting Moon today. But ultimately I would refuse, I think I would refuse the ability to time travel. I simply don’t think... Read More

Suddenly New Kitchens

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They changed the sets. I don’t think they’ve changed the sets on Week of Our Lives since…um, might have been the mid-nineties? Realsville is a place trapped in an eternal time loop where the... Read More

Plumbing fault

I’d like to present story time with Jennifer. I’m being honest, I’ve felt guilty about what happened for years and want to finally come clean. Message to all the plumbers in Melbourne, drain rep... Read More