I’ve just gone through a really bad breakup and my (now ex) boyfriend will be moving out next week. I’m devastated, and I feel like I’ve wasted the last six years of my life on someone who could never love me the way that I love them. I’m really not sure how long it’s going to take me to get over this breakup and the rejection that I feel, but I’m going to try.

Our lives were completely entwined, having lived together for the last three years. Everything in my home reminds me of him and I know how much harder that’s going to make the recovery process. I would have been the one to move out and start fresh if it wasn’t for the fact that our house is right near where I work. It’s in too good a location for me to leave, and so I’m buying him out and renovating anything that reminds me of him. 

Tomorrow when he leaves I’ve got someone coming in to do an awning window installation. We used to always sit under the windows that I’m getting removed, and it hurts too much to look at. Awning windows look completely different to the windows we used to sit underneath together, and so I’m hoping that removing them will help me hurt less. I know it might not work, but I’ve always liked the look of awning windows so at least I’ve got nothing to lose. 

Our bedroom obviously reminds me so much of him, and so to try and change it up a bit I’m getting a door replacement. Melbourne has a lot of talented designers and carpenters who can create a stunning door for my bedroom, which will hopefully act as a nice distraction whenever I enter my bedroom. I want to be able to appreciate the door every time I walk through it, rather than dread going into my room because of painful memories.

Here’s hoping this works.