Alexa Just Stop

Alexa is SO full of it, like, you don’t even know. We have biology together and I try to sit on the opposite side of the class to her and even there I have to hear her kazoo voice going on about how... Read More

Growing Feet

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I was out having an iced latte with my sister’s 12 year old daughter yesterday, and couldn’t help but notice that she was grimacing a bit on the walk there. When I asked her what was up, she told ... Read More

Go large or not

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It’s my sister’s wedding next week, and I’ve got nothing to wear! That’s because all my presentable clothes are in storage while I finish off overseeing the renovation of Tina and Terry’s ne... Read More

Tyler’s manly ute toolboxes

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When will my cousin give up!? In yet another essentially flawed attempt to “turn me into a man”, my cousin Tyler is trying to get me to come with him to look at aluminium trays made in Melbourne. ... Read More