Suddenly New Kitchens

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They changed the sets. I don’t think they’ve changed the sets on Week of Our Lives since…um, might have been the mid-nineties? Realsville is a place trapped in an eternal time loop where the... Read More

Plumbing fault

I’d like to present story time with Jennifer. I’m being honest, I’ve felt guilty about what happened for years and want to finally come clean. Message to all the plumbers in Melbourne, drain rep... Read More

The Office Sweep

As much as I really did enjoy the premier episode of ‘Office Makeover Sweep!’, I’m left wondering how they’re going to stretch this concept into a long-running series, as they ... Read More

Robot Are Fine

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I don’t wish to alarm anyone, but I think one of our job applicants is secretly a robot. I’m not totally sure, but I’m not about to be that one guy, you know? Maybe he’s just a robotic fellow ... Read More

Alexa Just Stop

Alexa is SO full of it, like, you don’t even know. We have biology together and I try to sit on the opposite side of the class to her and even there I have to hear her kazoo voice going on about how... Read More

Growing Feet

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I was out having an iced latte with my sister’s 12 year old daughter yesterday, and couldn’t help but notice that she was grimacing a bit on the walk there. When I asked her what was up, she told ... Read More

Go large or not

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It’s my sister’s wedding next week, and I’ve got nothing to wear! That’s because all my presentable clothes are in storage while I finish off overseeing the renovation of Tina and Terry’s ne... Read More