From The Diary of Harold J Waterman

I write this entry so that one day my son may read it if I am gone, unable to give him this advice myself. It is true that I now walk a fine line, with Jim and Michael close to uncovering the conspiracy of Scary Guys Incorporated. If I make the wrong moves here, I will be surely caught and sent to monster jail. This whole thing began when Jim P Sullivan began asking questions about annual leave, given he is a full-time employee. He’s one of my best employees, in fact. An absolute master at scaring children to provide us with energy. Truthfully, I hadn’t ever considered giving my employees any annual leave. Suddenly, I was having to search for answers to one of life’s great mysteries: how to calculate annual leave for full-time employees. More importantly, could I get away with not providing it?

You see, my son, business is all about what corners you can cut and get away with it. If you try to be moral with your business, you will soon find that you have no money left and all your employees end up without a job. So while Michael and Jim search to discover where their annual leave has gone, they have no idea that their investigation could put thousands of monsters out of the job. If they knew, would they go ahead with it? Even now, they are visiting a HR consulting business in the Melbourne area. Do I want to deny my employees annual leave? Of course not. But with the revenue lost, that would bring this company to its knees. Without us, Melbourne will face the greatest energy crisis of all time. Is that really what they want? Perhaps I should bring them into my office for a little chat.

If you take one thing away from this, my son, make it that sometimes, you must do anything for the sake of your business, no matter how much of a villain you become.