It had been a rough day. Charlie took in a deep breath as she entered her tent and collapsed on her thin mattress. Going door to door offering to connect wifi for people was exhausting work. Thankfully, her mission had been somewhat of a success. She’d found several people interested in fighting back against the Little Man. Now they just had to come up with a plan to get it done.

Despite the success, she was so tired. She’d thought that a lot of people would ask about phone line installation close to Melbourne, but down in New Hobart? No way! Turns out, that was completely wrong. If Charlie could have had a dollar for every time someone asked about phone line installation, she’d have about twenty dollars. And then there was all the other stuff they asked her to do. She hadn’t been trained to do any of it, so she had to make excuse after excuse. Thankfully, nobody asked her how to fix slow internet, on account of there being no real internet access in New Hobart.

Now it was time to start thinking about what came next. Charlie wasn’t sure she could handle another day of recruiting, so they’d have to manage with the numbers she’d gotten that day – about twenty. If they planned the attack out well enough, maybe, just maybe that would be a big enough force to take down two little demons.

She supposed they’d need a scouting group to find out the location of the Little Men. Once they knew where those tiny monsters were hiding, they could mount a skirmish and take them by surprise.

Perhaps the best way to get there would be to go through the old sewer system, long abandoned now. Of course, it would depend on where the Little Men were hiding, but that would be ideal if it could work out. 

After all, nobody would expect an attack from the sewers.