They changed the sets. I don’t think they’ve changed the sets on Week of Our Lives since…um, might have been the mid-nineties? Realsville is a place trapped in an eternal time loop where they redo two decades, forever. I get the budget concerns, so I guess they got a sponsorship from a kitchen design company? Or…there was some deal worked out, because Lorella had a dramatic scene set in her mansion kitchen, where she told the stable boy that they couldn’t be sneaking out to the back of the barn to have passionate, card tournaments any more, because there was such a heavy class divide and her reputation would be ruined if anyone found out that they were having illicit card game battles.

Harry the stable boy became enraged and started throwing pots and pans all around the room, and that was when they did a wide shot and I noticed that the whole kitchen had been renovated.

I thought it was weird at the time, but didn’t truly take notice until Cassius confronted his mother in their family kitchen about her secret drug addiction to fruity vitamin pills for kids, and I was like double whoa, they’ve totally changed the kitchen design. Melbourne is probably one of the more stylish cities in Australia and as such, their homes on average are much more impressive. 

Anyway, they did it again for Prunella’s bakery, in that scene where she demonstrated her blowtorch method to the local press and accidentally set a prize-winning race horse’s tail on fire. All these kitchens, renovated, and they look great but no one drew any attention to them.

I can understand them deciding it was finally time for a change, but this is some dramatic and very specific stuff. Maybe they’re working their way through the sets, and the kitchens got it first? Maybe I should be looking for renovators, and even further afield, seeing if ‘falling behind. It’s a tough game, kitchen design, so I’m told. Can’t afford to get outdated.