So now Chad doesn’t even want to come to the car show with me. Chad’s favourite thing in the whole world was the Ringwood car show; he hangs out for it every single year, and when I asked him if he wanted to go this weekend as per usual, he said he was busy!

He had to get his hair done at the salon, apparently, and after that he was reviewing an amateur drama production of ‘Spats’. That’s theatre. That is a theatre production. Chad is going to a theatre production, and that is…well, that’s definitely a thing. I’m all up for theatre if it’s something you like, don’t get me wrong, but Chad knows every mechanic Ringwood hosts within its bounds – he knows their opening times, he knows the price of every single car part ever made and he’s never missed the car show ONCE. I’ve never seen anyone into cars as much as him, except maybe his friend Chad, and sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart. You know, with them both being so into cars and all.

Next thing I’ll find out is… I don’t know, that Chad didn’t take his car in for servicing and it breaks down because he forgot to check the oil. Seriously, it’s weird to me in the first place that Chad doesn’t work with cars, because it’s his passion. Maybe he thought that becoming a mechanic would take the fun out of it, so he now does car stuff in his spare time. He just KNOWS about the best place in Ringwood for a log book service, rather than doing the log book servicing himself.

Or so I thought. This whole car show thing really bothers me. Man, ever since all my friends went to that meeting when I had the Swedish flu, things just haven’t been the same…