Conveyancing is important, but it’s not exactly what people would call a ‘passion’. Well, not most people. I’d imagine people think of it as utilitarian, and at worst, they see real estate agents as the more exciting, artistic of the two.

I suppose the same divide exists between mathematics and languages, with proponents of mathematical beauty shouting to be heard in a sea of prose lovers. This is why Odd-Match exists, I would imagine. To my great surprise, property conveyancing was listed as an interest from the very first day, and after a month of operation, there are…three of us. An intimate group to be sure, but much more than I’d ever hoped. Together, we discuss the intricate nature of conveyancing, its many foibles, the weaknesses and the strengths, and the future of the industry. I hear you saying “surely, there’s not that much to talk about when it comes to conveyancing!”

Not even close, my hypothetical friend. We’ve already created sixteen conversation threads on entirely different branches of the job, and it’s Wednesday. You may also say “but why did none of you become conveyancers?”

That would be a decent question, were it not so idiotic. Conveyancing and settlement isn’t a job any old person can do. There are conveyancers near Prahran, and in many other places, and if this were a baseline career that anyone can stumble into, then perhaps I would already have a job. But when you spend as much time as us exploring the hidden depths of conveyancing, you realise that you could never be worthy. It’s painful, watching from the sidelines, staring in through the window…but it’s all we have.