As much as I really did enjoy the premier episode of ‘Office Makeover Sweep!’, I’m left wondering how they’re going to stretch this concept into a long-running series, as they are so clearly trying to do. Homes are fine…you can do loads with homes. Office design is a growing field, but I just don’t see how you’re going to film an office being transformed, weekly, and make it so people want to keep watching.

I guess it works for people wanting ideas? I liked the frosted window glass idea for the work cubicles. Cubicles can be such a depressing concept, especially when they’re all made of that grey material and you feel like you’re lost in a sea of them. Makes you see why they’re steadily being replaced with trendy, open-plan offices that make it so everyone can see what everyone else is doing, although now you won’t get to decorate your own little set of walls (like I did in my last office).

Anyway, the presenters very enthusiastically took us through the process of frosted glass installation for offices, and the place admittedly looked pretty good once it was all done. They also tinted the windows, and when people came in on Monday they were all confused because they couldn’t see in through the windows any more. Then there were the usual before and after shots, the shocked and grateful reactions, some interviews where people said how good the office looked, and I guess we’re doing it all again next Sunday next.

Maybe that’s the plan. They’ll film offices getting most of the same stuff every single week- window frosting, commercial glass tinting, all that- and it’ll be the relaxing, familiar experience that sends you off for a good sleep to start the working week once more. I can get on board with that.