The Suspender

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There’s a legend that people speak about in whispers. They are afraid to speak it louder, for in their hearts they know that the tales are true. There’s a car that roams the forests, one without a... Read More

Clueless Kids

What’s the story with adult children thinking they know what’s best? I mean, Jacques is a great kid, but he’s pretty clueless. His cuppa-making skills leave more than a bit to be desired, he cle... Read More

Thanks, Dinosaurs

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It’s an intriguing enough thought, what they were talking about in the Trumpeting Moon today. But ultimately I would refuse, I think I would refuse the ability to time travel. I simply don’t think... Read More

Alexa Just Stop

Alexa is SO full of it, like, you don’t even know. We have biology together and I try to sit on the opposite side of the class to her and even there I have to hear her kazoo voice going on about how... Read More

The Perfect Used Car

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Claire, my insufferable sister, is thinking of buying a car from an unsuspecting neighbour of hers who has no idea how seriously she is going to put them through their paces in proving that their vehi... Read More