They say that it won’t be too long until we can all possess super-powers. As in, we can have surgery to have them implanted in our bodies, and all babies will be born with powers inside of them. That caused quite the stir at our Futurist Club, let me tell you! Genetic engineering is a massive topic, of course, but I think people’s fears were mitigated by the fact that they’ve done research on the subject, and the super-powers they’re talking about aren’t going to be very super.

Still, we’ll have a large list to choose from. Personally, I’m torn between the ability to tell the expiration date of fruits and other items without labels, and the power to control the television without a remote.

I HAVE been having some TV troubles lately. See, all the antenna repair and installation companies near Melbourne have had their hands full with this strange spate of lightning strikes that just started this week, so a lot of people are having all sorts of destructive problems. My antenna just got zapped clean off, but there’s a bit of a waiting list right now, because antennas are prime targets for lightning and a load of people are having the same issue.

But if this new system came into place, antenna repair people wouldn’t be so run off their feet. Well, it all depends on how many people choose the specific brain surgery that would convert their brains into living antennas that can pick up approximately six channels and probably not much more than that. I’d just have to find a girl who had that done, make her my life partner, and together we’d never have to worry about the TV again. She’d pick up channels and I’d control the TV with my brain. Easy.

But for now, I’m relying on the TV antenna specialists. Melbourne is having quite a few problems at the moment. I sure do hope these lighting strikes stop soon.


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