Everyone upstairs is moaning about the glass being tinted, and I’m just thinking…yep. Works for me. In fact, it’s the best thing that ever could’ve happened. Bless whoever gave me this second chance at happiness. Honestly, we’ve needed decent glass repair for ages now, so I’m just loving the fact that the windows are darker, but also sealed.

You’d think I’d be a little bit busier, given that I’m stuck down here in the depths of the basement and I have to sort out all the company’s IT problems by myself. I’ve asked them to hire me an assistant, but I don’t really need one; all the problems are so simple that I can solve them in seconds, and I just sort of wanted someone to get me coffee, and maybe talk about the latest movie trailers.

And yet, now even the thin slit of window that lets people walking past in the street look in has been repaired and reinforced, which means I’m basically soundproof in here. We’re talking top quality glazing here. Doesn’t bother me, because now I can do WHATEVER I want in here, and no one can stop me. No one visits, there’s hardly any work to do, so basically this window repair has removed the final obstacle I had.

I can bring in my Colonel Canada cosplay-in-progress and work on it during the day. I can learn tai-chi, or make sword tutorials for my budding Me-Straw channel. Better still, I can dim the lights and have eight-hour Biz-Ney movie marathons, which is something I always felt a bit guilty about before. Like, other stuff I can do under the desk, but a full-on movie marathon? One of those busybodies would hear it and report me.

Thanks to these residential glazing folks, all my dreams have come true, and without a single percentage drop in my productivity, I can guarantee it. Now I just need to compile an even greater list of stuff I can do now. Some sort of tabletop gaming session might be on the cards…