The countdown is on! Our frozen yogurt shop is about to open its doors.We found that the biggest difference we made to our store was getting the lighting right. Even though we could probably have left it the way it was- we still spent loads of time looking for commercial LED lighting. Melbourne is well known for nothing if not it’s penchant for great design, and we wanted in on that!

So,  the shop was previously a cafe that had been fitted out with a bare bones look- and even though that works for some,  it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to find someone who excelled in designer LED lighting for restaurants and cafes, and I wasn’t disappointed with the results.

Because what we do is a little different, I wanted our look to take on the whole theme we offer- organic, whole milk yogurt, probiotic and alt-health foods, but without being too in your face. This meant having no stark lighting, and as good a simulation of natural light as possible.

Having found a lighting specialist that understood our situation was the best thing we could have done. The specialist looked at our case and made sure to understand the brief completely before even mentioning what might suit us. For us, this was the first sign that we could relax. Once we’d described our shop in full, and explained our vision (we even talked about the mood and emotional impact we wanted to have on our customers!) we were invited to look at some sample lighting. And it kind of developed from there.

There have been a few tricky hiccups along the way but I can almost taste the strawberry and mango swirl as I type. More than anything else, I’m ready to get selling and putting our brand out there with a product that is different and fun. So glad we found someone who knew how important the whole deal was to us.