My husband would always forget about our holidays until the day before we set out. Fortunately, I’ve already packed his bag, because if over fifty years of marriage have taught me anything, it’s what floral print shirts he likes to wear when walking on the beach. He’s so good with some things, but bless him, he tends to work too hard and other things just get shoved out. It happens to all of us! In any case, we’re going on a short holiday to perhaps escape this weather a little bit.

Oh, not to sunshine coast or anything. We’re too busy settling into our new home after that long business of travelling around. No, we’ve just got our bags packed for a short tip to Lorne. Booking accommodation for Lorne is slightly easier at this time of year, since most regular, sane folks are staying away from the beaches or at least going somewhere nice, like Port Douglas. I hear winter is really quite nice up there, since you can avoid the jellyfish and the monsoons. None of those in Lorne, I don’t expect.

You see, Reggie and I tend to stay away from hot beaches. We love a good stroll down there when it’s windy and cold, preferably with the sea spraying up in our faces. All wrapped up nice and warm while there’s a howling gale, and then coming home to a good cup of coffee and a snooze, or maybe a read of a favourite holiday book…mm, I just love thinking about it! We’re not normal, I understand that much, but we like what we like. Hopefully I’ve managed to get us a good hotel, because I usually plan our windy beach days on the fly and we just drive down for the day. Not that we really mind a bit of a walk to the beach…I hear Lorne is very picturesque, so it doesn’t matter. We’ll end up taking a stroll through the town, enjoying the peace and quiet and maybe doing some research for luxury accommodation. Lorne has that sort of thing. Oh, it’s a beach town, of course we’ll be able to spy the really cozy apartments, or perhaps some of the beach chalets. For next time, mind.