My sister (Meg, the older one) is having a baby! This is totally news for all concerned. In typical Meg fashion, she’s wasted no time in assigning each of us a job in the lead up the the event. As befits her drama queenly character, she’ll be bossing me around to the maximum when it comes to anything domestic. This includes decking out the baby’s room.

I’m down with this – as much as I’m fairly sure I don’t want kids, I’ve often found myself dreaming about the perfect nursery decor (no, it’s not cluckiness; it’s just an all-encompassing aesthetic vision). I’m thinking that I’ll come at it from the perspective that we don’t know anything at all about this impending person. So rather than amassing home decor items that the baby might like, I’m going to try to create an interior ambience that’s soothing for all concerned, yet stylish enough to keep Meg from losing it.

My first stop in creating this effect is going to be custom wallpaper. Printing in Australia is getting pretty high tech these days – apparently, it can be done on materials like self-adhesive wall covering fabrics. Wallpaper ain’t what she used to be! I’m probably even up for installing it myself, provided it’s not going to poison me. So I’m on the lookout for something that’s PVC-free and DIY-friendly. I don’t think that’ll be too big an ask, given the range that appears to be out there.

There’s an overwhelming amount of options to choose from, actually. Online, wall coverings customised for individual buyers seem to be going off – apparently it’s a major trend. I reckon I’m going to narrow it down to a company that will print my own design (I’m a graphic designer, after all). I’m thinking a take on a classic Edwardian wallpaper design, but rendered in acid bright colours… don’t worry, Meg will be into it.

The more I think about it, the more I’m determined for this nursery to be the coolest room in the house…