I think I have the opposite of a resting angry face. I mean, I must have, because no matter where I am, people always feel the need to approach me and talk to me. A lot of the time I don’t really mind too much, and occasionally it has lead to some pretty interesting conversations about office designers, but sometimes I just wish they’d go away.

The other day, I was sitting in the waiting room of the office building where my friend works (we were going on a lunch date together because we’re cute like that) and the man sitting next to me just would not leave me alone. I mean, I didn’t have my headphones or a book or anything, so I guess I wasn’t screaming ‘don’t talk to me’, but still. It was so obvious I wasn’t interested, but he just kept talking at me.

For some reason, he was completely obsessed with the Melbourne office design scene. From little snippets of his life that I picked up here and there, it seemed as though he was actually a designer and that he might even have been nervously rambling away to me before he went in for a job interview, but that’s a guess at best. To say he hardly made any sense would be the understatement of the year, and the constant tapping of his foot as he rocked nervously back and forth was distracting to say the least. He just kept going on about commercial designers in Melbourne and how everyone was doing it wrong. Apparently the only the place that was doing office fitout right was the building we were sitting in. The guys sounded desperate to work there. It was all pretty annoying and honestly even a little bit sad. I mean, I know my friend works for one of the best office design companies in Melbourne, but I didn’t need this man’s nervous breakdown to prove it.