When I was hired as a creative for Niche Cards, I knew they were…well, niche. I did my research before the interview, and I even picked up a few of their cards in the newsagent, just so I could say that I’d seen them. That was all fine, but I didn’t realise just how niche things were until I got the job, and I was placed in the window division. That’s right: they have an entire division based around window incidents and milestones.

So sorry to hear that a branch came through your kitchen window in a storm! was one of the cards I just designed. Congratulations upon the installation of the best timber window replacements Melbourne residents rely on! Thinking of you in your time of window repair. Just wanted to say: happy sash window installation day! May your sash windows bring you many years of joy!

So yeah, that’s my job. As jobs go, it’s not the worst, but you do get to the end of the week and feel creatively exhausted, like a sponge wrung out one too many times. And then you think…how many people are buying these? I guess there must be a market, because I see these niche cards everywhere, train stations, newsagents and all. And hey, maybe sometimes you just need a good card to congratulate someone on replacing their windows after hoodlums threw a brick through them on midsummer’s eve, and it really shows a bit of thought to hunt down a card that says it all, in those exact words.

I like the collaboration aspect as well. Obviously we do fusion cards, so last week I was sent to the landscape gardening division to write a few congratulations on your beautiful boulder formation and also the windows you had installed in the bathroom over Christmas cards. And then there are the custom requests, but we’re so niche that we don’t get that many.

So, you’ve chosen a company in Melbourne for window replacements and repair, but you can’t decide whether to go with aluminium or timber? So sorry to hear about your tough decision!

At this point there’s not much ground left to cover.