I’ll admit, I had grown rather tired of my marriage. At first, I thought it was a case of opposites attract, which worked great while we were dating, but after marriage? It just seemed like we had nothing in common; she liked athletics and running, I was more into table tennis and stationary sports. I loved to read books, she wanted to hike. We just didn’t like any of the same activities, so we drifted apart. Our jobs being so different didn’t help.

So I enacted a plan. I put an ad in the paper, a foolhardy attempt at a tryst. I specified what I wanted: ‘someone interested in finance, possibly a St Kilda conveyancer who loves to drink margaritas. Someone who likes getting caught in the heat of the day, really into yoga and a real head on their shoulders. If interested, meet me tomorrow afternoon at the state library.’

I put out the ad and waited. The conveyancer thing was important, because I’d never really told my wife of my interest in finance. I thought that would be a deal-breaker while we were dating, so I never brought it up before or after we were married. Someone replied, saying that we sounded like soulmates. She wanted to meet me! So I organised a meeting.

She wasn’t a conveyancer, but she was seriously considering a career switch since she was fascinated by the property market. I was so excited and nervous and many other things. We met in a cafe in the centre of Melbourne, and I was utterly shocked to see my own wife walk through the door. We looked at each other in confusion, and then it all came out. It said to her that I never knew she was into all those things. She said the same. So we’re both into yoga, love getting caught in the heat of the day and are considering a career switch to property conveyancing. Melbourne is amazing when it comes to stuff like this, can’t be beak as far as I’m concerned. And now, we truly appreciate each other and have resolved to communicate more often! I should write a song about this, or something.