I was out having an iced latte with my sister’s 12 year old daughter yesterday, and couldn’t help but notice that she was grimacing a bit on the walk there. When I asked her what was up, she told me that her heels have been hurting whenever she plays netball or does her beach running. That sounded like a bit of a worry to me and my responsible adult mind, so I did an online search. Generally, that’s not the best of ideas, but in this case it was kind of reassuring.

Doctor Search Engine tells me that these symptoms are not uncommon in 8-14 year olds and are associated with the growth. It’s called Severs Disease, and has something to do with the bone in the heel plate growing a bit faster than the muscles and tendons around it. It’s thought it be aggravated by physical activity, which corresponds to Kelly’s account of the pain flaring up during sport and running.

Obviously, Kelly needs to go to a podiatrist to get a proper diagnosis. The first step is finding a teen-friendly foot specialist here in Cheltenham. Podiatry clinics are not my area of expertise at all – I’ve never been to one. Anyone out there got a recommendation?

In fact, today has been my first time dipping into the world of common foot conditions and treatments. Melbourne foot nerds, can you suggest any other resources I can get into? Don’t get me wrong; I’m pretty sure my own tootsies are in decent shape. No signs of toenail fungus, corns and callouses or plantar fasciitis are evident.

I guess I’m interested because Kelly’s younger sister, Karla is shaping up to be a bit of a ballet nut (also known as a bunhead) and is probably going to be moving onto pointe shoes in the next couple of years. Little does she realise that ingrown toenails are coming her way… that kid’s definitely going to need a podiatrist. Probably a physio, too.

This is why I’m not having kids.