Two years ago I moved out of a house that wasn’t a home, and I swore that I’d never live in a place I couldn’t make my own again. Choosing the most beautiful vintage replica wallpaper has been an act of liberation in my life as a renter.

This time round, I’ve managed to talk to the landlord before signing up to an agreement, and the home I found to live in this time is perfect. I’m totally in love with my landlord- they’re letting me wallpaper my lounge! I’ve chosen some amazing floral wallpaper, it’s a special product that can be carefully removed without damage. My landlord is also happy for me to hang my pictures as long as I do it with properly placed hooks in reasonable spots.

My previous place looked great online. It was really spacious, light and airy. There was one dark room, which I wanted to use as a study, and the remainder of rooms were perfectly sized. Because I needed to travel anyway, I could afford to be fairly lenient with location, which opened things right up for me.

The real trouble started about a week after I moved in, and the first sign of discomfort arose when I realised I’d compromised the lease trying to make things feel more like a home. I found out that I couldn’t hang my pictures or even nudge the landlord into a position that they’d let me improve the walls with a fresh coat of paint, and it bothered me no end. I wouldn’t have even bothered raising the idea of custom wallpaper to liven up the space.

I’ve lived in a number of share houses. I’ve lived with non-paying rent dodgers, and others that never paid a cent of rent! By the time I could afford to live alone, I’d had it to hell with share housing. So, here’s to living alone, quietly and in perfection, with beautiful wallpaper. I can’t wait!