I wanted to work closely with anyone involved in the design and build of our kitchen when we renovated.  When we got the financial clearance to take on the kitchen renovations in our new Melbourne home, I felt like it would be easier on all of us if there was only one person to work with, and that turned out to be true.

I’d looked at a bunch of kitchen designers in Melbourne and found a particular place that offered a more intimate and personalised service. What I loved the most about our choice was the transparency between us and the designer we worked with. There was never a time where we felt as though our questions were being lost in translation. We’d had an experience that made us feel a bit anxious about signing up for renovations again, however these had been on a smaller scale and were for a patio in an outdoor area. We promised ourselves that next time, we’d get a design we really loved and a builder we could rely on.

Anyway, it was miles easier when it came to kitchen renovations. Melbourne trends at the time seemed to follow a look that we didn’t feel was really us, but they totally nailed our expectations.  Kitchen designers based in Melbourne seemed to lead with an eye for style, these guys gave us everything we asked for. I’d researched kitchen designs favouring quality materials more than anything else, and I felt worried that we wouldn’t get what we wanted. But the company we chose to work with had fabulous connections and leads. The best bit, the service didn’t come with an obligation to use an affiliated builder, which meant we could pass the design onto my brother, who is certified and have him carry out the build for us. We had the best outcome ever and now enjoy this wonderful kitchen every day. I have a feeling that our kitchen is the best room in the house.