Hey friends, I just wanted to let you know of this awesome idea we’ve come up with at the share-house in Melbourne. We’ve been annoyed for a while now that the house doesn’t have a back yard so we don’t have suitable places to have parties or barbecues or anything like that. But then, Roger, our resident handyman, just got himself a ute. We’ve been using it for everything, have been decorating it, painting it, dancing on it… and then that idea snowballed. What about using the aluminium tray for parties!

We can set up mini-tables and chairs and have tea parties, or grab a stereo with some serious speakers and dance the night away! If we can park it right outside the back yard, we can join the tray and back yard space.  Awesomely enough, we have a few friends that own utes and so we can have a whole bunch parked together, and we can jump from one to the other, with each having a different theme or use.

We’re going to start off with our housewarming party and see how it goes. Obviously utes aren’t very big so we’ll need to rein all of our friends in, maybe even some other suitable cars and vehicles to use, and see how it goes. Maybe our guests wouldn’t even need to touch the ground, stepping from one of the aluminium toolboxes to the next car’s tray for a top-up of punch. Maybe even setting up a spa in one of them so everyone would need to wade through it to get to the next section? Some can have ute canopies for some intimate and fun spaces too, how cool is that? We’re all so excited by the idea and we’re going to arrange a huge public party inviting everyone with suitable vehicles (with a focus on utes) to come along with it decorated however they like, and enjoy the party. This is what night time should really be about, there are too many boring parties these days, so we have to make our own fun.