I just got slammed with the biggest electricity bill I’ve ever received. You know that feeling, of hope you keep about the daily post, although you already fully know you’re actually dead meat ?  I don’t want to have to go on about needing commercial solar energy, but I can’t pass off my ability to sense a bad bill coming in as a mediocre superpower any longer.

As soon as I picked it up I could feel the sense of dread drop in around me. Lifting the seal and pulling the bill out, I unfolded the papers and let out the breath I’d been holding. At first my eyes flitted across the amount payable section because the number simply didn’t fit with what I expected to see. Scanned it again. And again. And then I found what I was looking for, but never wanted to see. $832.10

My hands trembled, I couldn’t still the papers for my shock. I lay the papers flat on my kitchen table and tried to think straight. I expected a climb in the warmer months,  but not this steep. I’d been pretty careful too, making sure no one left doors open while the ac was on, and no one left anything on overnight before we left. And yet I still couldn’t afford this. No one could afford this. I knew that installing solar power could save money, and at this rate a helluva lot of it.

From experience, I knew that talking to my energy providers wouldn’t change a single thing. So it was time to call in the big guns. I knew from a mutual friend of my sister that she’d really struggled with her electricity payments through summer until biting the bullet and having solar panels installed. I didn’t really understand how it worked but seeing as I’d never understand how the hell my bill climbed to 800 bucks, I figured this was worth dipping into our savings for.