I’m loathe to admit that I have an insanely large monobrow. I’m still in secondary school, and it’s really becoming a problem. You would think I’d be used to it by now, but I haven’t been this way all my life.

It’s weird, my relationship to my monobrow- what it represents to me is quite personal. But the main thing that has stopped me from visiting a beauty salon and getting it removed was my absolute fear of eyebrow plucking and waxing. Basically anything that requires hair being pulled out of its roots. It’s something I’ve always been a bit weird about, just that magnified image of hair follicles being slowly (as it is in my head) ripped out of the skin seems so horrifying and painful, I can’t bring myself to do it. My mother had her eyebrows permanently tattooed in Melbourne to make them thicker. Thank you very much genetics.

Anything that requires hair removal like waxing is just not something I can handle. I’ve always hated it. This quirk of mine has meant I’ve kept my bushy brows much longer than most girls would. It’s gotten to a point that thick brows is part of what defines me and that inner voice says “you’ve come this far, may as well keep going”.

It would feel like I’m giving in to peer pressure if I shape my eyebrows. I used to be teased about it, but I’ve sorted that out.  In a not-so-gracious outburst I broke the bully’s nose. Not my finest moment. Now I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I’ve heard good things about laser body hair removal, Melbourne has a bunch of clinics that offer the service. It’s something I’m seriously considering.

This represents my childhood, resentment, social anxiety, and yet on the other side of the scale it also represents strength and a sense of self-identity to me.

I also feel like, when I get the laser hair removal done it will be a whole transformation for me. I’m not so sure it would necessarily be a good move. People will see me and it will be blatantly obvious that I’ve “given in”, that I’ve “matured” or something along those lines. Spare me. I just don’t want that kind of attention.