I’ve always loved fancy lights. Chandeliers, pendant lights- anything sparkly and twinkly and grandiose gets me everytime. I’m completely transfixed by a beautifully lit space. When we started planning for our first build, I got extremely excited by the idea of liaising with a lighting specialist who could help us find alternative home lighting ideas for our new home.

I scoped a huge number of specialists in the area, looking for someone who really knew how to wow with designer lighting. Melbourne is truly the hub for innovative lighting, but for me, it couldn’t just be contemporary- whoever we went with, they had to love chandeliers and pendant lights as much as me.

There are a few constraints to take on in our design. I get migraines and am prone to headaches from certain lighting, so there are significant limitations to consider. When I searched for lighting designers, I was pretty committed to having a lot of say and being listened to, especially seeing that bad light can affect me for days- I wasn’t taking any chances.

We were bang on, running into a company that was all about every kind of lighting in any situation. I was really in the mood to talk about my favourite style of swarovski chandelier when they showed me some samples of a house, that followed our design idea, but had a totally different take on the design of the lighting- while I thought I wanted cut glass, I was totally floored with the Bocce replica pendant lights they showed me.

I’m pretty sold on the recommendations I’ve been given, knowing that the way I’d expected the lighting to work could be great, but that a few new ideas gave me a totally fresh perspective on styling the house. I’m pretty certain that the pendant lights I’ve been shown are going to be our feature light in the hallway of our home.