It was a few weeks before my wedding when I noticed that my skin had started to show some visible signs of my age. I had never stepped foot in a cosmetic treatment salon before but I wanted to look perfect for my wedding. It was like this beauty clinic was straight from a dream. The beautiful women working looked like perfectly sculpted angels. Every inch of them perfectly manicured and properly cared for. I’d always wanted to know what it was like to sit in a beauty salon chair and have them work their magic on my body. I had seen countless movies where people get cosmetic treatments. I felt like over the last few years my skin had started to lose some of it’s lustre. I had spent far too much time outside in the sun when I was child and as an adult, I was paying for it. I was happy to spend an entire paycheck to look young and beautiful. I gladly booked myself in for anti wrinkle injections, Melbourne friends are going to be so surprised when I see them next.

I’d never experienced lip fillers before, but all my friends had it done and they swore by it. I had noticed a drastic decline in lip plumpness over the years. The therapist was lovely and incredibly gentle, but the pinch of the injections were a little uncomfortable. Nothing I couldn’t handle and it was over fast. The cosmetic technician had impeccable attention to detail and her conversation skills made me feel incredibly welcome and cared for.

This started regular trips to get lip plumping fillers in Melbourne CBD. My bank account was not going to be pleased with me, but how could anyone resist looking so perfect? Thankfully the fillers and anti wrinkle injections last a good deal of time so I won’t need to visit very often. If you think about it logically, if someone told you that it would cost a small amount of money and you get to look fresh and young for months on end, would you do it? I can easily justify the beauty treatments.