A photo shoot needs the perfect background in order to make the subjects look their best. Michael and I are getting some pre-wedding photos done, and we thought our own garden would be the best place. After all, our garden is dear to us and it is symbolic of our life together. Unfortunately it is looking a little lacklustre, which is terrible symbolism. So, I have decided to plant some agapanthus, cascade diamond agapanthus to be precise.

I love the name, as it reminds me of my stunning engagement ring, which is also diamond of course. The flowers are a crisp white, with some purple and blue tinges. I purchased a large lot of bulbs from an online nursery store; I knew what I wanted so I did not want to waste time meandering around a real-life nursery, let alone getting a flare-up of hay fever from being around all of those plants. I am awaiting delivery for today, and I cannot wait to start planting. I have made a chart of our front garden, marking in all the places where I will plant agapanthus.

We still have some time before our photo shoot, so there is ample time for the flowers to grow and become established. Apparently they are quite an easy going plant, which is perfect because I have so little time leading up to the wedding. Wedding planning is like a full time job these days, except it does not stop when the clock ticks to 5 pm. So as you can imagine, I will not have too much time to spend watering my plants. The good news is that agapanthus hardly need to be watered at all, if it rains every now and then, it will be enough to sustain them. I will need to get a dress for the photo-shoot, and now matching the agapanthus is a considering. I was thinking a nice purple, since I cannot wear white just yet.