I could not believe it. Dreamy Freddie actually talked to me, and not only did he talk to me but he asked for my help. He looked into my eyes and asked me, not leggy Brenda, not chatty Sue, but me, plain old Sandra to organise the office Christmas party. I knew instantly it had to be a total success, a slam dunk of corporate functions, the ‘crème de la crème‘ of office celebrations. After recovering from the interaction I immediately got to work to research the best private function rooms in Melbourne.

I trawled through millions of options before finding the perfect venue. I had to strike the right balance between it being big enough to host our entire team but not too big that atmosphere was comprised. Nothing worse than an event that feels empty. Dreamy Freddie would be impressed, I was sure of it, so impressed that he may just sweep me off my feet there and then.

As the night drew closer I just knew I had pulled this out the bag. The marble floors, the sparkly chandeliers and the woven silk table cloths were all perfect. Of all the corporate function venues in Melbourne, I was certain I had booked the right one. Dreamy Freddie will fall in love, and not just with the exceptional venue. I will of course watch longingly as he charms the crowd, constantly topping up his champagne and straightening his bow tie. An ever attentive partner I will be sure to impress him with my corporate function demeanour. He will have no choice but to take me with him wherever he goes next.

Tonight is the night. I have called ahead to confirm with the venue and the private party is set to start in just five hours. My whole life has built up to this very night. This function room will host the life changing scene I have dreamt of all these years. Dreamy Freddie will be mine, and corporate function room A will not know what hit it.