Okay, so that was probably the worst disco ever. The event on Visage-Tome said it was going to be hundreds and hundreds of people all dancing in Federation Square, accompanied by lifelike holograms. It was going to go super viral and all the news outlets were going to report on it. But the I get there and it’s like one person. One stupid hologram person, and they say the event was changed because of power concerns, and so it would be us dancing *around* the hologram. So basically, just a bunch of idiots dancing in public. No thanks.

I mean, if power is a concern, just solar it. Seriously, it’s the answer from our generation. LED lighting solutions in Melbourne are some of the most important ways to save on power costs. Solar is the most fire industry there ever was, which makes sense because the sun is basically made of fire. Everyone is getting on board with it: solar panels on rooftops, solar-powered calculators, solar-powered phones…it’ll be everywhere eventually. Add in a bit of energy storage for when the sun goes down and you’ve got all the power you need for the hologram disco of a lifetime.

Just think how amazing that would be, if they actually thought about it. I’d totally go to a solar-powered disco. My complete lack of dancing ability would be overridden by the novelty of everything being powered by the sun and stored for the night. In fact, that might just be the next big trend for nightclubs: solar evenings. It sounds great, it helps the environment and it’s not totally disappointing like some events I could mention. That would leave commercial solar energy at the forefront of the greatest nightclub revolution mankind has ever seen.

And I guess it would also help the environment or whatever. But mostly, I just think it’d be really bonkers cool to get all our power and innovation via a massive ball of fire in the sky. Human-kind would be the most metal species in the universe.