It has come to my attention that I’m in denial about this whole Christmas thing. I kept saying to everyone: “Don’t you touch that tree! It’s only seven of the twelve days of Christmas, so woe betide anyone if a single bauble of length of tinsel comes down before then!”.

I put it off as long as I could, but…we’re out of even the twelve days now. It’s all down, the house is empty, and I have to wait a whole year before I can decorate again. Life is cruel, and January is the absolute worst month for reminding you just how cruel life can be. It’s getting to an average of 35-degrees every single day, and the air con has gone bust.

You’d think that affordable air conditioning repairs in Melbourne would be around every corner! They’re not, I’ve checked.

It’s not like cooling technicians are hard to find finding the right one is difficult. Why did it have to happen now? Air conditioning repair is just SO grown up. Oh, look at me, being an adult and taking care of my appliances by having a professional fix them. I remember when I was a penniless student and I never worried about any of that stuff, mainly because I was penniless. I kept my tree up until March and sat there baking without air conditioning, knowing that I was saving a few bucks that would instead be spent on good times and great memories.

Those were the days. Now it’s all ‘Keeping your tree up is just sad!’ and ‘Did you call the air con repair guy yet?’ or ‘The kids have been waiting outside in the rain for two hours, you were supposed to pick them up!’.

Like I said, all this stuff gets worse in January. But then, air con does make it a little bit easier to just…exist at home, I guess. And there are people who do air conditioning services around Melbourne who make the whole thing pretty easy. Call up, book a time, pay up, no fuss. The only hassle is being home between 9am and 8pm to meet the technician. I’ve heard this new company is punctual, we shall see.