Alfonso isn’t coming back, and so I have taken it upon myself to become…Alfonso. Well, I could never be that good. His little hair salon in nearby South Melbourne was legendary while it was still operational. He also never seemed to be sick, never took days off, never had a break in his schedule…and none of that is my jam, I have to say. I get every single cold a flu going around, and I just need to have a few minutes in between each client. Long enough for a coffee, maybe also a scone.

But still. I will BE Alfonso…’s legacy. His inferior legacy, because South Melbourne hair salons are all so efficient and high-powered. They get things done fast while providing a high standard of care, and some people just can’t handle that sort of thing. It’s true! Folks like me need to go along to a tiny little place manned by a single person, where they don’t have to worry about forgetting anyone’s name. My salon won’t really be a salon at all; it’ll just be a small room in my home, like how Alfonso had it. The mirror and chair will be a slapdash affair, the lighting won’t be that good, and I’ll be able to have deeply personal conversations with my clients that speak more of a fatherly relationship than one based between provider of service and patron. That’s how Alfonso did it, you see. You go and get a haircut, you pour out your soul to Alfonso’s easy-going manner, and when it comes to the end of the session, both your hair and your burdens are left on the floor as you go.

Come to think of it, the haircut was never really the main draw. I just liked talking to Alfonso. Maybe…maybe we ALL did? Maybe I’m being too harsh on the hair salons near Melbourne for being professional, when actually, they’re just providing a service. Clearly, I have much to learn about not just hairdressing…but life itself.