My parents dream of living on a farm was getting closer each day. With the land now in my father’s name, my mum and I celebrated as they arranged the next stage of the plan. Sitting around the dinner table, we spoke of our dreams, or visions for the future. With no house on the land they had purchased, decisions had to made on where to start. My parents had both decided to buy a large property to house all of the animals they wanted. It was important to the whole family to have a fully self sustainable home, and to do that we needed animals. The more my parents and I spoke about our plans, the more we began to understand the smartest way to go about it. We weren’t a wealthy family, but we definitely weren’t poor. We didn’t like to have anything more than we needed, which was precisely why we needed to get away from daily grind of city living.

The smartest way to start this renovation, was to have the garden landscaping done first. Mum mentioned in passing the idea of talking to the landscape designers. Melbourne North is known for it’s perfectly manicured lawns. We would have to continue living in a caravan until everything was sorted out, but it was comfortable and felt like camping. We had hopes for the garden to be full of fruit and vegetables by Spring. We needed someone who knew how to get the right landscape solutions for Melbourne North. The landscaping had to be designed for maximum crop harvest, we were going to need those fruit and vegetables to save us money. The project was expensive, but we were all happy to be making sacrifices for the family. My mum was worried that I would be upset that we weren’t getting the house done first. I explained that she didn’t need to worry, I would be spending a lot of time helping whenever I could. I smiled at her, admiring her will to get things done. She laughed and ran over to me, throwing her arms around me and spinning me around. I looked into her eyes, seeing the twinkle and the happiness. I knew I had the best parents in the world, no matter what we faced we would do so as a family.