I recently wrote about selecting greenery for your garden. As a faithful reader pointed out, greenery is nothing without some colour. Some frangipanis here, and some dahlias there never go astray.

Personally, I think that frangipanis are a timeless choice, and I recommend every homeowner to cultivate a few frangipani plants. While you need to take some care in choosing an appropriate position, once they take root and are established, it is quite hard to kill them. A little water every now and then is all you need to grow beautiful frangipanis.

One of the advantages of the frangipani is that there are so many colour choices, so you can pick your favourite shades or just find a colour that goes well with your home exterior. I have seen frangipanis in white, yellow, orange, red, and pink, and every colour in between. Plant one of each for a stunning sunset effect.

Frangipanis thrive the most in a warm climate, but you can even grow them in cooler areas by growing them in pots alongside a garden wall. There is a way to grow frangipanis in your yard, no matter where in Australia you are located, from the blazing heat of Brisbane to the drizzling, cloudy weather of Melbourne. It is certainly easy to get ahold of frangipani plants no matter where you are. I order all of my plants, frangipanis included, online, and they deliver to almost anywhere. It is convenient because I just do not have time to go to the local nursery these days, and there is a far better selection available.

While I do have a soft spot for all types of frangipani, lulus blood is my favourite variety. The flowers are a deep pink, sometimes tending towards red. You could stare at them all day. Plant them alongside a yellow variety, such as Darwin yellow, for a striking effect.